• 2015 Victoria May Day Celebration Poverty and Unemployment are the real threats to our Security!

    4pm Victoria Info Center
    Friday, May 1st
    812 Wharf St Find Out More Like

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Poverty & Unemployment are the real threats!

May Day Rally and March

May 1st 2015, International Workers Day
4:00 PM - Gathering at Tourist Info Office, Wharf St & Government St
5:00 PM - Gather at Centennial Square for community entertainment, live music and food.

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International Workers Day

May 1st is set aside in most countries around the world as International Labour Day.  The Victoria May Day Committee together with CUPE Locals, International Solidarity groups, IWW and the Work Less Party of BC continues to work towards a meaningful marking of this occasion and its importance to the international working class. 

May Day celebrates the social and economic achievements of the international labour movement and promotes social justice and internationally recognized human and labour rights.

This year we will be gathering at the Tourist Info Office, Wharf Street and Government St with live music, information and walk to Centennial. 

This year’s event will be hosted by John Shaw of the Scotty Neish Club of the Communist Party of Canada.  Music will, in part, be provided by Art Farquharson. 

For further information contact: 250-920-6770

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